This reading was given in a trance on
December 20, 1933, and comes from
Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, a compilation of
Cayce “readings” on the lost continent
published by ARE (Association for
Research and Enlightenment) in 1968 before
the Bimini discoveries.
   Cayce often called the Bahamas
“Poseidia.” For this reason many link the
following prophecy to the Bimini one
above (given on June 28, 1940):

   Poseidia will be amongst the first
portions of Atlantis to rise again— expect
it ‘68 and ‘69–– not so far away

Although not really connected (as some
have tried to do), since no year was
predicted for when the Bimini temple remains
would be found, discoveries in 1968 caught
worldwide attention. They were indeed over
the Bahama Banks.
   Pilots Trig Adams and Bob Brush sighted
strange stone formations off Andros in July,
and then between there and Bimini afterward.
   But it was on Labor Day 1968 that the most
famous discovery was made— the huge
stone  formation you see in illustration
here called the “Bimini Road.” It happened
when zoologist J. Manson Valentine, in
company of Harold Climo, Jacques Mayol
and Robert Angove, dived into the 18
foot depths off Paradise Point, Bimini. The
beautifully clear weather that day allowed
the azure blue waters to highlight darker
forms of what appeared to be a manmade
construction. Gliding over this darkened
form revealed huge polygonal stones,
 which seemed to have been joined
together in the same curious fashion, as
the Inca walls of Peru. Even though the
stones had pillowed (edges rounded by the
currents), the interrelating angles of the joints were
obvious. Some stones were massive in length,
3 times that of a man’s height, and now laying
prostrate but in geometrical position with
other stones. An average for many stones
was 8 x 10 feet, many of these lying neatly
beside each other like rows of troops at
   The “Road” appears to be the largest
ruin, and it is shaped like an inverted “J,”
extending for some 1,900 feet about half a
mile off Bimini’s northwest shore. Nearby
“fallen walls” start and stop without any
reason, giving a perplexity to the entire
meaning of the site. Expanding on these
discoveries, successive dives revealed several
extensions and geometric patterns, either
identified by the bottom growth tracing a
buried outline,  or by the lack of bottom
growth in an area of dense underwater
     Dr. David Zink’s expeditions in 1975
expanded even further to identify many
features of the site with other prehistoric
megalithic sites around the globe, including
an arrow stone pointing toward a key part
of the site, plus stone alignments in alternating
patterns and a “chockstone” central in the
Road structure.
     What is left of this once massive building
is must be paltry  compared to what it once
was. Only inferences can be drawn as to
what it once was, but it is interesting to note
that the most  ancient and advanced cultures
of the Andes also built their massive temples
in the shape of a giant U, something to which
the “J” shape of the remaining structure off
Bimini seems to suggest.
   This would mean it may indeed have been a
temple. But built by who? When? We have no
record of a civilization existing here, prior the
flooding of the Atlantic shorelines. Even if they
did, how could such a culture get to the Andes,
and why, while on this tack, did the Peruvian
cultures begin at Tiahuanaco, at a restrictive 2.5
miles from sea level?

         Today, however, Bimini has shed much of its obscurity thanks to the
                                     Bermuda Triangle . . .or in some respects thanks to Edgar
                                                   Cayce and his clairvoyant readings given back in the
                                                         1930s on Atlantis. But due to the Bermuda
                                                                     Triangle of missing ships and planes
                                                                               attention was cast toward Bimini and
                                                                                     toward Edgar Cayce’s fantastic
                                                                                     supercivilization of  Atlantis. Why?
                                                                                         Well, for the simple reason that
                                                                                                           many have tried to
                                                                                                             connect Atlantis to
                                                                                                             the missing planes                                                                                                                         and ships. How?
                                                                                                                       This answer is
                                                                                                                       certainly not an
                                                                                                                         easy one. It is
                                                                                                                                   most of
                                                                                                                                         us would
laugh at, but it
is nevertheless an
answer that must be told.
   Those who believe this
claim that the great power
sources of Atlantis are still
functioning deep below the
surface and exerting an influence
on travel in the area, or outright
disintegrating the vessels and planes. For want of
proof on Atlantis, perhaps, the
missing ships and planes became
the only tangible thread to suggest
that Caycean Atlantis really once
     In his 1965 book, Invisible Horizons,
Vincent Gaddis devoted a chapter to
the Bermuda Triangle, a term which
he had coined only the year previous
in an article for Argosy magazine. He
mentioned that after this article he
received thousands of letters
from people with “wild” theories on
the Bermuda Triangle. Among a number
of entertaining ideas were those detailing
the theory that Atlantean power complexes
were shooting a ray out disintegrating
the planes and ships. This theory
stemmed solely, of course, from the
followers of Edgar Cayce because he
had mentioned the Bahamas as having
been the last intact remnant of this
vanished prehistoric supercivilization.
   Wild, indeed. . . .Or so it would seem. His
followers had nor needed any other proof than
psychic readings.
   But this still does not answer why Bimini should
be so singled out today. By
a bizarre twist, however,  three years later in
1968, an event took place which seemed to
verify part of Cayce’s claims. Out of all the
700 plus islands of the Bahamas, only
once did he mention one by name, and
this island was Bimini.
   The now famous Bimini prophecy does
not just concern the island, but concerns
the power crystals that directed the
electromagnetic energy of Atlantis.

     As for a description of the manner of
construction of the stone: we find it was
large cylindrical glass (as would be termed
today); cut with facets in such manner
that the capstone on top of it made for
centralizing the power or force that
concentrated between the end of the
cylinder and the capstone itself. As
indicated, the records as to ways of
constructing same are in three places in the
Earth, as it stands today: in the sunken
portion of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a
portion of the temple may yet be discovered
under the slime of the ages of sea water—
near what is known as Bimini, off the
coast of Florida . . .  

   Now one can under- stand why Bimini has   lost its obscurity, shed             its honky-tonk
               and why many
                         view the


   Bimini  and these stones structures are now the center of a controversy
with many heads like the Medusa. Does it prove clairvoyant readings?
Does it prove Atlantis theories on the Bermuda Triangle for explaining missing
               ships and planes? Does it disprove our ideas of ancient history and the
                                           beginning of Amerindian cultures? Does it disprove our
                                               geological theories about past cataclysms of the Earth?
                                                       Does it  prove there was Atlantis? Does it prove
                                                                   there was a super-civilization? Does it then
                                                                             become a proverb, along with Cayce’s
                                                                                 Atlantean readings of genetic
                                                                                         cloning and electromagnetic
                                                                                           machinery, for our own
                                                                                                 civilization to take warning?

and  its
shallow waters
as a gateway, a
gateway to mystery,
to the past, to the future
and to knowledge we have denied could be gained for thousands of years.



A prophecy, a fulfillment or a proverb?

   Bimini was nothing more than an obscure island 50 years ago. It was a small, marshy mound only a few feet above sea level about 50 miles from the east Florida coast. If anybody knew about Bimini, it was only fishermen. It is the gateway to the Bahamian islands, if coming from Florida. But it was hardly ever a key island, even to Bahamians.