To enter this Atlantis one must enter only through the mind of clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was called the “Sleeping Prophet” because he induced himself into a trance state in order to give “readings” to those who inquired. Before his death in 1945 these amounted to thousands upon thousands of “readings” covering a wide range of health, history, the future and, sometimes,  Atlantis.
   It is said that Cayce was often surprised himself that he spoke so oft of Atlantis. His “readings” on Atlantis were given between 1924 and 1944.
   Up until this time the pursuit of Atlantis had been one of trying to unravel Plato’s tale, plus add a little archeology in the Aegean and a lot of speculation. Great impetus was given to the ancient legend by Ignatius Donnelly’s 1882 masterpiece Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, which first broached the idea of Atlantis as having been a world straddling culture.
   While this was very bold for the times, Edgar Cayce’s approach to Atlantis was even more remarkable.  Cayce’s “readings” added an entire new light to it— and quite an unexpected one. In his trance states he spoke of Atlantis as where man first developed civilization. Although this Atlantis Mapwas similar to Donnelly, Cayce’s Atlantis was not the Sumerian type culture Donnelly had imagined. Caycean Atlantis was a vast super civilization with electromagnetic powered flying machines, lasers, power crystals called the Tuoai Stone, and devices which we cannot even understand.
   Cayce’s “readings” blamed Atlantis’ eventual destruction on the misuse of these powers. Although his Atlantis readings covered the “past,” some interpret Cayce’s readings as being prophetic. His readings of an unknown super-civilization of the past remarkably describe our own society today. He describes forces and machinery that seem to parallel our own ideas of zero-point-energy.
   A patchwork quotation from Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, 1968, yields some of his descriptions of what the Atlanteans were using.

“About the firestone. . . In the center of a building which would today be said to be lined with nonconductive stone something akin to asbestos with. . .other nonconductors. . .The building above the stone was oval;  or a dome wherein there could be. . .a  portion for rolling  back, so the activity of the stars, the concentration of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves . . . The concentration through the prisms or glass (as  would be called in the  present) was in such a manner that  it acted  upon  the instruments. . . The preparation of this stone was solely in the hands of the initiates at the time . . . among those who directed the influences of the radiation which arose, in the form of rays that were invisible to the eye but acted upon the stones themselves as set in the motivating forces. . . .in Atlantean  land  at  time  of  development  of  electrical  forces  that  dealt with transportation of craft  from  place to place, photographing  at  a distance,  reading  inscriptions  through walls  even  at  a distance. . .overcoming  gravity itself,  preparation of the  crystal,  the terrible mighty  crystal;  much  of  this  brought destruction.”    

   Atlantis’ existence was not perfect and harmonious, but was marred by factions. Its destruction was brought about by a misuse of these forces by evil:

     “With the continued disregard of those who were keeping the pure race and the pure peoples, man brought in destructive forces to be used by people that were rulers. These destructive forces combined with those natural resources of the gases, of the electrical forces made in nature, caused volcanic eruptions in the slow cooling earth, and that portion now near what would be termed the Sargasso Sea first went into the depths.”   

   Just what does all this have to do with the Bermuda Triangle? Just what does all this have to do with the investigation of very tangible objects like missing ships and planes? Well, it comes down to a string of coincidences, nothing more, though extremely piquing. Together they build a strange case of circumstantial evidence that must be pursued.
    First, Cayce said that the Bahama Banks were the last part of Atlantis to sink, and the last place where these glorious advanced electromagnetic machines went below the ocean. This was long before any concept of theSatellite_Image_Photo_Andros_Island_Tongue_Ocean_Bahamas Bermuda Triangle (decades before) and long before we even considered such machines possible. It is also the place in the Triangle where the most unusual disappearances occur and where the most unexplained electromagnetic phenomena are encountered.
     Cayce said that these devices and crystals worked off volcanic and other natural powers. Thus theorists believe that they could have an unlimited period of operation even while sunk on the sea floor. Pulsing from surges in natural energies, they could be causing planes and ships to vanish or disintegrate. Or, at the very least, they could cause the sporadic electromagnetic anomalies noted in the area. But is this enough to even consider the idea that these sunken power complexes are beneath the sea and causing the disappearances? 
   At best Cayce’s readings seem captivating coincidences. However, coincidences are often an unsettling discovery. Coincidences require careful probing to see if they are just coincidences or actual reliable data.
     In recent years science has been probing into what creates “psychic” abilities in some people. Far from mocking it, top scientists (including Dr. Hal Puthoff) have postulated what may be responsible along the physical lines, such as tachyons or superluminal particles, particles that, in effect, travel faster than the speed of light and are therefore extremely difficult for us to detect.
   The U.S. CIA now admits, as does the late great Soviet, that psychic spying had been engaged in by both sides during the Cold War. Although “remote viewing” is what it is often called today, it is merely an extension of the old term “psychic” or “clairvoyant,” and if the ability is real it is inherited and not acquired.
   But is this enough to launch us onto a search through the psychic records for an answer for the Bermuda Triangle enigma of missing planes and ships and bizarre electromagnetic phenomena? In other words, I’m asking: could Cayce have been right? Can there really be old power complexes beneath the sea still working?
   Odd discoveries continue to turn up. An old book by South American explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett (Lost Trails, Lost Cities) speaks of remote Indians speaking of great crystals atop temples in ruined cities buried deeply within Brazil, glowing  columns, shafts of glass or crystal just like in Cayce’s readings. The rub is that book was recorded before Cayce started giving any trances on Atlantis. 

Another odd coincidence Then there is this photograph here, y given to me by Bruce Gernon for my book Into the Bermuda Triangle. It was taken in 1999 and shows the phenomenon of the “glowing waters.” Although what is causing this phosphorescence to vent up from the Bahama Bank bottoms is a mystery, it is not in this that our interest is piqued. In this photo you will notice a neat circle of clear water in the midst of the blotch of “white” or “glowing” waters. Something below is repelling the phosphorescence of the water, something that forms an almost perfect funnel. For this brief moment, the presence of something below has been highlighted, something  that otherwise would be invisible, something either radioactive or electromagnetic.
   Colonel Percy Fawcett’s  announcement in 1924 that he was leaving on his 8th expedition to seek the location of legendary buried cities in the heart of Brazil was world news. From this expedition he and his party never returned. All members mysteriously vanished.
   Coincidentally, in 1924,  that same year, Cayce’s readings on Atlantis begin, describing novel electrical apparati. Some can argue that Cayce was merely inspired by Fawcett. Does that change anything? Should we pursue it no further? If Cayce was merely  inspired by Fawcett, that doesn’t change the fact one still has Indians in the heart of Brazil talking about novel electrical apparati in old ruined cities tumbled by some prehistoric cataclysm.
   Fawcett had a manuscript already written— the compilation of over 20 years surveying and researching in South America. This was not published until 1950 by his son, Brian. It contained some of his views and discoveries on the advanced technological nature of this prehistoricbrmda civilization. Obviously, Cayce did not know about these, and Fawcett knew nothing of Cayce’s readings. Yet there is much similarity between them.
   Fawcett was, however, like many erudite Brits of the time, interested in the occult. Could it be that those with “psychic” abilities were too influenced by the space dreams and Flash Gordon gadgety of the time and simply contaminated their “visions” of the past?  Could what they saw, namely Cayce and this civilization of the Bahamas, merely have been a novel but understandable Mesoamerican type civilization?
     We must ask ourselves frankly, even if such ruined cities exist deep within unexplored Brazil, how then does the Bermuda Triangle fit in? We come back to Cayce’s “readings.” In one disturbing “prophecy,” he does not just mention Bimini, a hotbed of electromagnetic anomalies, but he mentions it in some very provocative language, referring to none other than these power complexes.

   Let’s go to . . . Bimini



Atlantean Crystals:
Edgar Cayce and the Bermuda Triangle